general purchase conditions

general purchase conditions

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General Purchase Conditions 
This document establishes the General Purchasing Conditions of the company Navarra S.A.
1. The supllier accepts the present general purchasing conditions, from the moment of our order´s acceptance.

Any provision contrary to our General Purchasing Conditions will have no value until it is accepted in writing by the buying entity.

The order will only be valid as long as they are authenticated by our Purchasing Department.

The District of Braga will be the competent jurisdiction in case of dispute.


1. The supplier is obliged to inform Navarra whenever the delivery date indicate in the order is not fulfilled. If it fails to do so, it is reserved to Navarra the non-acceptance of the material´s reception.
2. All supplies should be executed according to the conditions referred in the order, and there can be no modifications  without prior agreement from Navarra, S.A.
3. Delivery time for goods at our premises: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 and 14: 00 to 17:00. Deliveries in different time frames must be agreed in advance.
4. All supplies should be accompanied by a dispatch note, transport document or service sheet, indicating the number of our order.
5. All transportation risks and the preservation of the merchandise are at the supplier´s responsability until the moment of the delivety.

6. Whenever the materials can not be checked in its reception, Navarra has the right to claim in good faith, the quantities and / or quality of the goods received.

7. All supplies are subject to approval and will be rejected if they do not correspond in whole or in part to the specifications listed in the order.
7.1. It is the right of Navarra to charge the the cost of opening a non-compliance process in the amount of 120.00 € 

8. If the supplies relate to equipment, they should be supplied with an instruction manual in portuguese, CE-marking and declaration of conformity.


1. The invoices should be submitted within 5 days after the dispatch note date.
2. The suppliers with monthly invoicing must send us the invoices considering that these should be in our possession until the fifth day of the following month.
3. The invoices received late in relation to the deadlines mentioned in point 6 and 7 will be considered for payment purposes, as received in the following month(s).

All intra-Community suppliers should include on the invoice the weight and the code of the supplied product.


1. Materials on which we require a Quality Certificate, Test Certificate or Conformity Certificate will not be accepted if they are not accompanied by the respective documentation.

2. In the case of supplies relating to products/ articles, and in the case of being the first delivery, the supplier must include provide a declaration on compliance with REACH and, where applicable, the respective Safety Data sheet according to appendix II of REACH. 
2.1. In the case of products already supplied presviously, the Safety Data Sheet will be delivered by the Supplier, whenever it has undergone changes.
14.2 All the products should be labelled according to the CLP.

3. All Suppliers travellinf to Navarra’s premises should be aware of the existence of nearby housing areas, and therefore, will have to be very careful with the road safety rules.

4. All companies providing services at Navarra’s premises are responsible for managing the waste they produce.

5. All chemical suppliers must comply with all legal requirements regarding to packaging labelling.

6. The companies providing services at Navarra’s premises must be accompained by all the safety equipment necessary to the execution of their work.

1. The supllier´s performance is evaluated annually, based on several criteria. The main avaluation/ classification criteria are:

Subject criteria: 50%

  Quality Capacity Price/Cost   Customer service (pre sale)  Support (after-sale) Flexibility  Social responsability/ Civil liability
  Very   important  Very   important  Very       important Important  Very       important  Important Important

Objective criteria: 50%
 Service    rate Evaluation of the environmental questionnaire Number og   nonconformities  Material   returned
 Very important  Important Very important Very important