Minimalist casement system featuring 44.5-mm frames suitable for fixed/casement windows and doors, allowing for a total frame height of up to 2700mm and individual sash weights up to 170 kg.
Featuring a depth of 80mm for the fixed/moveable frame set and 73mm for moveable frames, the n17 000 system can be used to install bottom-hung and tilt and turn windows, as well as side-hung windows and doors.
In line with contemporary architectural trends, this system is sui-table for building fixed and narrow-opening window frames and allows for an infill thickness of up to 58mm. Hidden hinges afford a clean look and a functional design that provides better illumination to interior areas.
Sleek aluminium frames create a better sense of continuity between the interior and the exterior by affording unobstructed views.
Owing to its high water-tightness and air permeability, the n17 000 system is the ideal choice in architectural projects where aesthetics and illumination are a priority.