Group History

The Navarra Group was founded in 1977 in the city of Braga in the North of Portugal.
Integrated in the industrial field, its main business activities are extrusion, surface treatment, trading of aluminium profiles and accessories, and assembling of thermal bridge break profiles. It also ensures mechanization and precision cut of profiles for further applications.

The Group consists of four companies:
  • Navarra – Extrusão de Alumínio, S.A;
  • Navarra II – Tratamento de Alumínio, S.A.;
  • Navarra III – Acessórios de Alumínio, Lda
  • n.2.a. – (Angola)
  • Navarra Moçambique

It initiated its activity with the company Navarra II – Tratamento de Alumínio, S.A. in 1977. With an area of 5 250m2, this company dedicates itself to the treatment and assembling of profiles of thermal bridge break.

In 1985 the company Navarra III – Acessórios de Alumínio, Lda, was founded with the purpose of trading aluminium accessories, compatible with the systems developed by the Group.

The year of 1991 was true milestone with the creation of the company Navarra – Extrusão de Alumínio, S.A., currently the Group’s Head Office.

In 2005 the Show Room at the Group’s Head office was inaugurated, a permanent space for product display.  With strong charisma, this space is the soul of the Group. Simultaneously, a new corporate identity was launched with the creation of the Navarra brand and its slogan – Navarra, the aluminium brand.

The constant research and technical improvement, quality in the manufacturing and storage processes, delivery deadlines that satisfy the true needs of its clients and the personalised service before and after sale are the four main pillars which sustain the Group’s activity.

The entrepreneur spirit, the strategic vision of the Navarra Group, and the market evolution have enabled a strategic development since its foundation, increasing the area of the industrial park to 31 426 m2 and the number of employees to approximately 500, and also creating a trading network with 14 distribution points in Portugal and 1 in Angola, plus representations in Spain, France, Germany, Holland, England, Austria and the PALOP.