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Extrusion Technical Capacity

The high mechanical resistance, versatility and durability, have transformed aluminium in a Worldwide reference material.

It may be stated that the numerous advantages of the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust have granted it the status of omnipresence in our day-to-day life. Its lightness, resistance/weight ratio, Hardness, aesthetic component, flexibility, high resistance to corrosion and external agents have turned aluminium into one of the most used metals in the planet. 

Resistant, versatile, light, flexible, contemporaneous; the loyal portrait of the metal that can meet your imaginary, the Aluminium.

30.000 Tons / year:
2 presses p2200 t and 1 press p2800 t

Maximum dimensions:
300x50        260x80
200x120     160x160

Container Diameter:
236 mm