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Navarra – Extrusão de Alumínios, S.A. started a series of investments promoting company differentiation and production optimisation.

To achieve this objective we have applied for National Framework for Enterprise Investment Incentives Schemes notice no. 33 2009. This candidacy foresees investments in:
  • new productive equipment, that will increase production capacity as also the quality of final product;
  • IT solutions in order to increase information flow;
  • virtual front desk to dematerialise customers and suppliers’ processes
  • quality and environmental integrated systems certification;
  • completion of tests and experiments, in order to guarantee product quality;
  • energy rationalisation and efficiency, reducing costs of non-renewable energy;
  • final treatment of residues system to contribute to the correct separation of residues resulting from our production process;
  • internationalisation, increasing our reach in international markets

Our candidacy number 13407 was approved.

Further information on incentive systems, incentive rates and investment values can be consulted at or by following the publicity links (QREN, PO NORTE, EU).