Group History

The Navarra Group was founded in 1977 in the city of Braga, in Northern Portugal.
Operating in the industrial area, its main activities focus on aluminium extrusion, surface treatment and the sale of aluminium profiles and accessories.
The company is also dedicated to the assembly of thermal break profiles and providing of profile machining and precision cutting services for a wide range of applications.

The Navarra Group has distributed business activities between four, vertically organised companies.

  • Navarra – Extrusão de Alumínio, S.A;
  • Navarra II – Tratamento de Alumínio, S.A.;
  • Navarra III – Acessórios de Alumínio, Lda
  • n.2.a. – (Angola)
  • Navarra Moçambique

The Navarra I company is dedicated to the industrial area of the Group and gathers all production processes in a single industrial platform with a total covered area of 31.426m2.
It develops aluminium profiles for various industrial sectors, operating in both domestic and international markets as well as ensures sales network across Europe. It remains market leader in Portugal and is ranked among the “top1000” Portuguese companies.
The Navarra II company, specialised in civil construction, is responsible for the development, distribution and trading of aluminium systems and accessories for architectural applications. It ensures distribution on the domestic market through a sales network established between warehouses located from the North to the South of Portugal.
The N.2.A company, head-quartered in Luanda, and the Navarra Mozambique, in Maputo, ensure distribution and trading of the products provided by the brand on these markets.

The constant research and technical improvement, quality in the manufacturing and storage processes, delivery deadlines that satisfy the true needs of its clients and the personalised service before and after sale are the four main pillars which sustain the Group’s activity.