About us

We project the Future in the present

The challenge of the Navarra Group is to contribute in a sustained fashion with innovation and quality, towards the development of aluminium products, services and solutions, which may add value to every project, based on the technological capacity and partnerships, always oriented towards the markets and the development of new projects, promoting environmental responsibility and everyone’s safety.

Our values are oriented towards the ambition of growing with honesty, integrity, responsibility and competence in order to earn trust and recognition in the market.

The combination of a dynamic team, specialised in the most diverse fields and the resource to modern technologies, allows the placement in the market of highly competitive and flexible products which are easy to apply and handle, and durable in time.

The Navarra Group advocates an organisational policy based on an ethical and moral conduct, endowed of the utmost professionalism, commitment and accuracy.

This is its true essence.

The productive capacity is ensured by the continuous training of its human resources and the updating of technical means, in order to allow the attainment of a competitive advantage in a permanently evolving and demanding market.